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Owning and implementing your own imaging system means designating your own resources to processes you probably know very little about. In many cases outsourcing your document imaging project will be less costly than trying to do it yourself. The general imaging prices listed below are for informational purposes only.

Document Scanning

If you generate 100,000 images per month and require one to four indexing fields, you could expect to pay between 4 to 8 cents per scanned image. This includes document preparation, quality control, one weekly document pick up, document retrieval software, technical support and CD or DVD creation.

Additionally, at least one field should be double keyed to ensure data accuracy. Additional fields may be added via a table lookup using a customer supplied table.

The only additional costs to consider would be document destruction or long term storage. Document destruction costs are approximately $5 for a standard banker box. Most document warehouses charge for pickup, returns, monthly storage and destruction. Most warehouses will charge a pull charge before shredding a box of paper.

If you are not comfortable with per page pricing, project pricing is also available. We will need to do inspect the actual paper and then a price can be negotiated for the entire project.

Forms processing

Sometimes just creating an image from a piece of paper is not enough. Reading and converting all the printed data into ASCII text may be what you need to achieve your objectives.

To process 3000 HCFA claim forms per day you could expect to pay about 35 to 55 cents per form. In this scenario you should be given the option getting your data back in a HIPAA compliant ANSI 837 format or ASCII text. Daily document pickups and claim date stamping are included in the per form processing price.

Some HCFA forms are easier to process than others and that’s why prices vary. A typewritten form printed on red background is far easier for service bureau to process than a handwritten HCFA form. Pricing depends on the amount of fields the end user would like to have captured.


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