Records storage at a warehouse VS. document scanning and shredding? 

An average banker box measuring 18 inches by 12 inches contains 1800-2000 images.  At 6 cents per image it will cost you about $108 to $120 Records Storage Boxdollars per box to scan and then destroy the paper. 

If $108 a box is too much for you to pay then you may want to look into storing your paper in a records storage facility.  Document storage facilities do charge some rather hefty fees for their services so beware. A document warehouse will charge for pick ups, pulling documents, returning documents, pulling boxes (for return) and shredding charges.  Don't forget about the monthly invoices that can be as high as 2 dollars per month per box. 


Cost to house a 18X12 box of paper for five years.
  • $5 Pick up charge
  • $120 in storage charges for 5 years 
  • $8 for removing the box from storage
  • $10 for shredding the box after removal

When its all said and done it may cost you $143 to put a box of paper into storage for 5 years.  If you ever need to pull any documents out of that box while it's in storage add $25 to $50 dollars in pull charges per incident.

Cost to scan and Shred a box of paper.
  • $0 for pick up and delivery
  • $108 - $120 dollars to scan the box
  • $0 destruction of paper

This is for our most basic service. This service includes scanning the material at 200 dpi, One ten character numeric index field per 30 pages, search and retrieval software or raw image release with file name and document destruction. This service is meant for dead or closed files. Our goal is to make paper scanning a viable option to records storage warehousing.

With our document management services you pay only once, an off-site document storage warehouse can keep you paying for years. With our services your documents are safe and secure and instantly available. With record storage facilities your records are as safe as you can reasonable expect; but nothing is for sure, a building can burn, a flood can occur, moisture can get to your paper, and natural disasters do occur. Digital documents can be backed up, paper can not be duplicated at a reasonable cost.


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