Microfilm scanning and Microfiche scanning services

Microfilm Scanning Conversions

Yes, microfilm is still around. Aperture cards are difficult to search and access. Fortunately, microfilm scanning will take Microfilm Scannerof that problem.

Converting them will give you instant access to your files. Converted images can be seamlessly imported into a document management database for immediate search and retrieval.

Scanning film today is no more difficult than scanning paper. Film scanners have been around for over 20 years. The inherent problems with film based images are similar to that of analog recordings. Like tape and vinyl records, film tends to degrade over time. Digital images will always look as good as the day they were first scanned.

You can buy your own scanners and software to scan your microfilm and microfiche but that is an expensive option. You are probably not generating any more microfilm and microfiche, so why purchase expensive scanners to convert them. Use a service bureau to convert the film for you.

If you frequently recall images off film based material, I would recommend finding a document scanning bureau to digitize your film. The more you move film around the more likely you are to degrade or damage the film.

Aperture Card Scanning

Drawings from size A to E can be scanned at 200 to 600 DPI at very competitive prices. Whether you are converting school records, architectural renderings, building plans or any other valuable resources, converting your aperture cards into a digital format will save you both time and money.

Microfiche scanners can even read the Hollerith code (Keypunched) on your cards to create an index. This index will be simultaneously created with the scanned image. Manual indexing of the cards can be done and will be priced on an individual basis.

Microfilm Scanning

Handling your microfilm with extreme care and caution should be a primary concern when working with microfilm. Our production managers will log your project and perform the following functions; oversee the scanning, visually verify each image, repackage original film, and create/append your database. The finished job will then be carefully packaged and sent back to you with your originals.


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