Medical Records ScanningHealthcare Document Scanning

Document Types

We provide medical records scanning to Healthcare Institutions empowering them to instantly retrieve documents instantly.

  • Claims
  • Correspondence
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Financial Records
  • Human Resources

Processes are custom built to suit your needs. Medical records can be retrieved by:

  • Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • ID number
  • Any other type

We also offer HCFA and UB92 claims forms processing services.

If you have tables containing other file information, we can use that data in your new databases.

Our cloud storage allows your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device. Scanned documents can be stored on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices for Off-Line viewing.

Healthcare Scanning

All of our healthcare scanning is performed using VRS Scanners with ultrasonic mis-feed detection. This technology ensures no documents are lost due mis-feeds. Ultrasonic mis-feed deMedical Records Scanningtection sends sonar waves through the paper to determine if two pages were scanned simultaneously.

Virtual Rescan (VRS) This technology ensures every image has the perfect contraMedical Records Scanning Softwarest and brightness ratios. All images are de-skewed and enhanced. In most cases the scanned image is equal to or better than the original copy.

Documents can be scanned in color, grey-scale, or black and white, at the dpi of your choosing. Because color and higher dpi scanning take longer to scan, higher rates may apply.

Quality Control

We visually inspect every Healthcare Record image before it is released to the next process. If an image is too dark or too bright it must be re-scanned. This is always included in all of our document scanning agreements.

Document Indexing and Coding

We index to your specifications. Your Records can be indexed by Last Name, Social Security Number, ID Number, or any other data type. Indexed data can be compared to tables or databases you may have, this will ensure accuracy. Tables can also be used to populate other fields. Additionally, key index fields can be double keyed to ensure accuracy.

On-Line Image Hosting and Workflow

Our On-line image hosting is SAS 70 certified. On-line image hosting allows your documents to be retrieved from anywhere in the world. Our hosting services also give you a powerful workflow options much like Microsoft's Sharepoint software but without the high prices.

Our cloud storage will give your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device. 

There are literally dozens of other search and retrieval applications as well. If you have a older legacy system, images can be released with custom text release formats for easy importation. Click here for more information.


We hold all of our clients data in strict confidence. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements affirming our privacy policies. Are offices are designed and laid out with privacy and security in mind. All data connections are secure and encrypted.


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We offer a complete workflow solution that includes scanning and hosting in the cloud.

Iphone, Android and Blackberry compatible.

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