Mail Sorting services

Incoming mail sorting services offer great benefits. By our Mail Sorting service your company will be able to free up valuable office space and reduce staff. Mail Sorting BoxOther key benefit include faster document processing time.

Mail processing and sorting include the creation of a separate Post Office (PO) box. As your new mail processing company, we would then check this box daily. Separate PO boxes can be set up for different types of documents. For example, claims submission might go PO box 123 while correspondence is sent to PO box 136.

Next, documents would be opened, sorted, and prepared for scanning. All staples and paper clips would be removed. Finally documents would be tagged with cover sheets for scanning. Once all documents are scanned and processed, the electronic images can be returned to you. Hard copies could be stored or shredded for you.

Mail processing and sorting services are extremely valuable in payment/remittance type situations. This is a great application for any company who deals with medical claims processing, accounts payable, or any forms processing based applications.

On-Line Image Hosting and Workflow

Our On-line image hosting is SAS 70 certified. On-line image hosting allows your documents to be retrieved from anywhere in the world. Our hosting services also give you a powerful workflow options much like Microsoft's Sharepoint software but without the high prices.

Our cloud storage will give your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device.


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Workflow you can afford

We offer a complete workflow solution that includes scanning and hosting in the cloud.

Iphone, Android and Blackberry compatible.

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