Large Format Scanning and Blueprint Scanning

Large Format Scanning
  • Scan any drawing up 42 inches wide
  • Color, Greyscale, or Black and White
  • 150-1200 DPI
  • Multi or Single page PDF file format
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Drawings repairs
  • On-Line hosting (View Drawings on any Internet connected Iphone or Android device)
  • Highly experienced scan operators

An average price for scanning an E size drawing at 300 dpi is $1.25. One Index per drawing is included. No software requiredCall us today for a free quote.

Blueprint scanning is cost effective

Disaster recovery is important and your drawings are irreplaceable. If you were able to insure your paper drawings for life, for a one time premium, would you do it? Rolled DrawingsThe premium on such a policy is a $1.25 per drawing or less, aren't your drawings worth it?

Frequently sending drawings out for reproduction or constantly referring to paper drawings is no longer feasible. Paper is just not practical:

  • Office space is expensive 
  • Drawing Reproductions are costly
  • Disaster recovery
  • Increased productivity

Our cloud storage will give your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Blackberry mobile device. Documents can be stored on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices for Off-Line viewing.

Scanners used

blueprint Scanning ScannerWe employ Contex scanners for all of our large format projects. These scanners use a four-channel CCD as opposed to CIS-based scanners which use only one channel. Single channel CIS-based scanners have difficulty reproducing accurate colors and tend to create images with more noise. CCD’s capture more pixels with more accurate color details.

Optics is also very important when it comes to large format scanning. The lenses primary purpose is to transfer crisp, clean and clear images back to the sensors. Scanning at 600 dpi with a low quality lens will produce images that will be inferior to a quality lens scanning at 400dpi. Contex scanners use only the highest quality lenses.

Contex scanners are always gentle when it comes to running delicate drawings through the feeder.  The slightest hint of resistance will cause the scanner to stop feeding and back the document out of the feeder.

large format scanning scannerIf your documents are rare or delicate C size drawings that can not be sheet-fed through a scanner, we can scan your documents on Contex 18” flatbed scanners.


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Large Format Drawings

$1.00 / Drawing

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Workflow you can afford

We offer a complete workflow solution that includes scanning and hosting in the cloud.

Iphone, Android and Blackberry compatible.

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