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Paper Calculator

The results of this paper calculator are for general estimating purposes only. The result will be a close approximation of actual paper based on entered lineal feet and/or file cabinet drawers. This is being provided for you to plan how much paper your organization has.

To use, enter values for the Lineal Feet and/or amounts of various file cabinet drawers and click the Calculate button. Clicking the Reset button will clear entered values.

For example, if you have three 4 drawer file cabinets and each drawer is 30 inches deep, enter "12" next to 30" File Cabinet Drawer.  Then press calculate and to find out how much paper you have in those 12 drawers.  You can enter combination of drawers and/or lineal feet.

Description Data Entry
Lineal Feet
18" File Cabinet Drawer
24" File Cabinet Drawer
30" File Cabinet Drawer
36" File Cabinet Drawer
Paper Amount Calculated

Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

How Much Paper do you Have?

How Much paper do I haveFiguring out how much paper you have is not that difficult if you just know how much paper is in a typical container. 

A standard banker box measuring 10" tall X 12" wide X 15" long will contain about 2200 pieces of paper.  This assumes there is about 100 folders in the box.  The more folders you have in a given space the less paper you are going to have in that same space.  If the box is packed tightly, you might get 2500-2700 pieces of paper in this container. 

There are about 150 sheets of paper per inch.  In a tightly packed box you will have about 175-200 sheets of paper per inch. 

In order to quantify how much paper you have, you will have to figure out two variables.  First you will need to know how many feet or inches of paper you have.  Secondly, you will have to figure out how much paper you have in an inch or foot.  Once you have both of those numbers just multiply them out and that will give you a great idea of how much paper you have.

In order to figure out your paper per inch number just look inside your containers and count how many files you have in a one foot section.  Next you will have to find out how Vertical File Cabinetmuch paper is in your typical file.  Just open up 10 or 12 documents and physically count how much paper is in each file.  Average that number out and multiply the number of documents in that one foot section times the average file length and that will yield the amount of paper you have per foot.  Multiply that number by the total lineal feet of container space you have.

A typical vertical file cabinet is usually 18 to 26 inches deep and comes in two, four or five drawer variants.  A 26" deep 5 drawer file cabinet has about 10 liLateral File Cabinetneal feet of drawer space.  If you have 5 of these cabinets you will have about 50 lineal feet of drawer space.  If you have 1800 sheets of paper per foot, your total amount of paper would be 90,000 sheets.   


Lateral file cabinets are usually between 30 and 42 inches wide and come with 1 to 6 drawers.  A foot of paper is a foot of paper whether it is in a standard banker box or a lateral file cabinet.  Just figure out how much feet of drawer space you have and multiply by the amount of paper you have in a foot.  A typical 4 drawer 36 inch lateral cabinet will contain about 21,120 images.


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