Document Scanning Services & Back File Conversions

Document Scanning Services are critical to any business that creates large amounts of paper. We can digitize up to 25,000 images a day on our high speed scanners. Contact us today for a free quote. Use our Paper Calculator to figure out how much paper you have.

Off-Site Document Scanning Services

Our off-site scanning services offer many advantages to our clients including,Image Hosting Drive fast project turnaround, high quality work, and aggressive pricing. Outlined here, is a sample process of our typical back file conversion services.

On-Site NY Document Scanning Services

If you can’t allow your documents to leave your facility, we can always come to them. On-site scanning is more expensive than off-site scanning. You supply the space and we'll do the rest.

Our cloud storage will give your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device. Documents can be stored on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices for Off-Line viewing.

Why not just keep the paper?

A digital document archiving system provides insurance against disasters. Disaster Recovery should be at the forefront of any decision making process. Information is priceless and lost information cannot be replaced at any cost. Imaged documents are protected against theDont let this be your disaster following circumstances:

  • Fires 
  • Flood 
  • Employee’s Maliciousness 
  • Mis-filed documents 

A digital document archiving system can be backed up and duplicated with ease. Documents can be placed on Write Once Read Many (WORM) media to ensure data integrity. Many industries by law are required to have a data recovery plan. These laws usually include paper files.

Shared Access

Operating out of multiple facilities can lead to many problems when it comes to sharing files. Using FedEx, UPS, DHL and other shipping companies to ship files can cost a small fortune. This is a slow and inefficient process. Scanning these files would give your employees instant access whether they work next door, upstairs or three states away. These documents never need to be re-filed and they can be viewed by more than one person at a time.

TrackBar Code Trackinging

Digital document archiving allows you track which employees viewed, printed, or emailed documents out of the archive. This type of archiving also allows you to assign rights to particular users who search the database.

SpaceFile Cabinet

If you have 500 square feet of office space dedicated to filing cabinets at 35 dollars per square foot, you are paying nearly $1500 a month to house that paper. The cost of new filing cabinet is even more staggering. The longer you store your paper the more expensive it is. Imaging is the opposite, you scan it once and you pay for it once.

For more information or see a sample process, please click here.


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