Document Imaging Process


Pick-ups are scheduled 24 to 48 hours after the client’s call. We offer the opDocument Imaging Vantion of having your boxes picked up in bulk or in small groups. It is imperative that any document imaging service understand that your documents are irreplaceable. We make every effort to make our clients comfortable with the entire process.

We provide box labels to be adhered to all outgoing boxes. These labels contain a unique box number and barcode. The boxes are scanned in at pick-up using barcode readers. This process eliminates errors during the log in process.

Document Prep

Prepping your documents for scanning is an often overlooked step in most document imaging projects. All staples are removed, all torn sheets are repaired, all booklets are broken apart and all sticky notes removed.

Paper Scanning

Document ScannerWe utilize the industries best scanners. All document scanners we use employ whistle miss-feed detection. This technology ensures no documents are lost due mis-feeds. Many scanners detect mis-feeds by length or thickness of the scanned piece of paper. Whistle mis-feed detection sends sonar waves through the paper to determine if two pages were scanned simultaneously.

Virtual Rescan (VRS) VRS ensures every image has the perfect contrastVRS and brightness ratios. All images are de-skewed, despeckled, and enhanced. In most cases the scanned image is equal to or better than the original copy.

Documents can be scanned in color, grey-scale, or black and white, at the dpi of your choosing. Because color and higher dpi scanning take longer to scan, higher rates may apply.

Document Indexing

All documents need to be retrieved at some point. We index to your specifications. Your documents can be indexed by one or more fields. Indexed data can be compared to tables or databases you may have, this will ensure accuracy. Tables can also be used to populate other fields. Additionally, key index fields can be double keyed to ensure accuracy.

On-Line Image Hosting and Workflow

Our On-line image hosting is SAS 70 certified. On-line image hosting allows your documents to be retrieved from anywhere in the world. Our hosting services also give you a powerful workflow options much like Microsoft's Sharepoint software but without the high prices.

Our cloud storage will give your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device.


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