Customer Service and document imaging

How can document imaging improve my customer service?

Imagine you run a small health care company and your new enrollees fill out an eight page application to gain admission to your health plan. With this application the new enrollees supply about 30 pages of supporting documents. Three months later your company is being audited and a the application is being requested.

Customer ServiceIf the application was scanned, your Customer Service Representative can recall the original application with all associated documents in seconds. Without imaging your Customer Service Reps would have to go to the filing cabinet or the basement and retrieve the application manually. It may even be possible the application is in long term storage and must be retrieved and then Fedexed back to you.

Paper applications are often mis-filed. Once paper is mis-filed it is unlikely that paper will ever be found again. If a call has to be placed to warehouse to retrieve paper it may take days to retrieve.

Basically, it comes down to time. The faster you can service your clients the better. Scanning your files will help your business decrease customer waiting time while making your Customer Service Reps more efficient.


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