Document Scanning Services

NY Document Management provides electronic document scanning services. Our services will grant you immediate access to your paper based documents from anywhere in the world. Sit back and relax while we digitize and store your paper in a fully secure On-Line database. No headaches, no hassles!  Let us turn your paper into a meaningful workflow. We offer exceptional pricing and fast turnaround times. 

Document Types:Document Scanning Cabinets

Our cloud storage allows your company access to its documents from any internet connected Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows mobile device. Scanned documents can be stored on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices for Off-Line viewing.

Call us today for a quick, no hassle quote. (516) 255-9500

NYDM OCR conversion services featuring high accuracy conversions. We handle jobs as small as 100 pages and as large as millions of pages.  

Their is no need for you to purchase, install and maintain your own OCR Software. Outsource your OCR project to us and save time and money. Our OCR conversion process dramatically reduces error rates.

  • High accuracy results
  • Optional character confidence verification - Operators check and correct suspect characters.
  • Export into many types of formats such as, PDF, Text, RTF, Excel, Word and more
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Simple Pricing

Cloud Hosting Services 

Our Collaboration and workflow services are a great way to store critical files that require your employees to share and collaborate on scanned documents.   Get rid of your paper today!

Scan, Collaborate, Retrieve with minimal investment. Sharepoint is expensive, we are not, give us a call and save.

  • Access scanned documents from you Iphone, Ipad, Android or Windows devices 
  • Rid your organization of expensive file cabinets. 
  • Share scanned files with sections to add comments and tasks 
  • 24 hour anywhere access 
  • Reduce labor costs 

View your documents from anywhere in the world by utilizing our document hosting services. Contact us today to view a sample on-line database. All scanned documents are converted to a standard PDF file format and released to your database.

Call us today and realize the power of an On-Line workflow and storage system.

Medical Claims Processing

Are you tired of paying expensive claims adjudicators to do claims data entry? Increase productivity while decreasing costs by using our data entry staff.Medical Scanning

We can turn your paper claims into ANSI 837 transactions that can be seamlessly imported into your claims adjudication system. Watch your system pay claims with minimal adjudicator intervention. We can process a paper claim for as little as .25 cents per image.  Don't hire another Claims Adjudicator, call us today.

Our processes are highly tailored to our client's unique needs. We can process a complete days receipts every 24 hours.


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Large Format Drawings

$1.00 / Drawing

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Workflow you can afford

We offer a complete workflow solution that includes scanning and hosting in the cloud.

Iphone, Android and Blackberry compatible.

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